Boiling Pot 2011 Activism

Local Artisan Farms that we support:

  • Elder Fire Farm Arts / Three Rivers, MI
    Elder Fire Farm Arts was born straight from the heart of Southwest Michigan’s ever-growing food movement, as Heather Colburn, along with three special children, and Lee Kornhauser met in Kalamazoo through their passion for local, organic foods, cooperative grassroots organizing, and (re)learning the homesteading/farm arts. After years of participating in organic CSA programs, working on local organic farms, and finally, a yearlong stint apprenticing with the farmers at Eaters’ Guild Organic Farm of Bangor, MI—the family moved to a historic but neglected farm site in Three Rivers, where they live in a yurt, intensively farm an acre of diverse vegetables using organic and sustainable methods, creatively preserve their harvest, and spend many hours walking the woods gathering wild edibles, all of which is shared with the Kalamazoo community at the 100 Mile Market and Bank St. Market. For more info check out their blog and/or the farm's facebook page:

  • Growing Matters Garden / Kalamazoo, Mi
    The Growing Matters Garden program provides hands-on learning opportunities for local youth and the larger community at our urban gardens. Students put their hands in the soil and understand where their food comes from, how great it tastes right from the garden, and why growing organic is so important. We focus on growing vegetables using sustainable, organic practices, but we also have areas for herbs, strawberries, and annual and native flowers.

  • Heron Homestead: Unconventional Herban Agriculture / Kalamazoo, Mi
    At Heron Homestead we use all organic methods and we grow on a very small scale. We live and grow on less than 2 acres just 3 miles north of downtown Kalamazoo. Our focus is on perennial herbs for tea, heirloom vegetables, and flowers. And don't forget garlic!

  • Cinnfully Cinnamons / Kalamazoo, Mi
    A Cottage Food Business that specializes in decadent breads, cookies, pies and cobblers. Cinnfully Cinnamons is the work of Katherine Steward, local entrepreneur and baker. Learn more about her story: MLive

  • Think Farm / Galesburg, Mi
    Think Farm is a small locally owned and operated farm with an emphasis on earth-friendly sustainable farming practices. We believe that a healthier living style starts with what is on our plates. Our farm is located at our home on 15 acres in Galesburg. This year we provided CSA shares to community members and participated at the Peoples Food Co-op's 100 mile market. As part of our commitment to being conscious earth stewards we have collected compostable items from various local businesses. This not only saves hundreds of pounds of items from the land fill each week but also helps us with nourishing our soil with rich compost.

Campaigns at Boiling Pot Music Fest:

  • Food and Water Watch: Fair Farm Bill / Kalamazoo, Mi
    Year after year, large corporate farms like Cargill are pushing out small and mid-sized family farmers, who should be the backbone of American agriculture. The good news is that we can make our food system work better for small farmers and our communities, and the local, sustainable food that we find at our farmers markets here in Kalamazoo can be available to everyone. This fall, there’s a vote coming up in the Senate on the Fair Farm Rules, which would level the playing field for small farmers. Senator Stabenow is the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, but she has yet to take a stance on this issue. We need to show her that Michigan residents want her to stand up for small farmers and local, sustainable food. Learn more at
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