• Murder By Death
    Bloomington, IN - Rock & Roll
    They may call Bloomington, Indiana, home, but since their 2000 formation, Murder by Death have been a band without musical borders. Theirs is a world where Old West murder ballads mingle with rock-injected Western classicism; where an album’s sequencing can take listeners from a haunted back alley in rural Mexico to a raucous Irish pub. All of which is to say, Murder by Death albums don’t just string together songs; they create experiences.
  • The Legendary Shack Shakers
    Nashville, TN - Blues / Country / Rock
    The Legendary Shack Shakers’ hell-for-leather roadshow has earned quite a name for itself with its unique brand of Southern Gothic that is all-at-once irreverent, revisionist, dangerous, and fun. Led by their wildly charismatic, rail-thin frontman/blues-harpist, J.D. Wilkes, the Shack Shakers are a four-man wrecking crew from the South whose explosive interpretations of the blues, punk, rock and country have made fans, critics and legions of potential converts into true believers. With the recent addition of former Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison (Hank III/Tomahawk) and drumming wunderkind, Brett Whitacre, the Legendary Shack Shakers have quickly become known for providing some of the best entertainment (live or otherwise) that you can get for your hard earned money.
  • Frontier Ruckus
    Ann Arbor, MI - Lyrical Folk Rock
    At a young age, the courses of Matthew Milia and David Jones somehow converged within the large and vaguely defined world of Metropolitan Detroit. And from that point on, with merely a banjo and a guitar, they moved forward towards one common creation-something that reflected the very world from which they came with a zeal and vividness afforded only to the young. The singular vision of Frontier Ruckus that modernly exists, growing fuller each day, is eternally rattling with a youthfulness impossible to shed.
  • Breathe Owl Breathe
    East Jordan, MI - Folk
    Breathe Owl Breathe is a Michigan-based trio that plays atmospheric, evocative acoustic-based music, fusing folk traditions with the adventurous approach of indie rock. Breathe Owl Breathe was formed in Ann Arbor, MI by songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and banjo picker Micah Middaugh and Andrea Moreno-Beals, a cellist who also contributes banjo and vocals.
  • Small Brown Bike
    Marshall, MI - post-hardcore
    Small Brown Bike is a band from Marshall, Michigan, United States that started in 1996. The trademark of Small Brown Bike is their "double vocals" backed by melodies. Their sound is often identified as being similar to other post-hardcore bands, such as Avail, Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four.
  • Mustard Plug
    Grand Rapids,MI - Ska
    What is in a name? The members of Mustard Plug must have considered this when they casually came up with the title of what seemed at the time to be a short-lived distraction. While also considering the equally ridiculous "Wanker Daddies", "Shrinky Dinks", and "Cookie Puss", it was the title "Mustard Plug" that was chosen as the masthead to carry forth in the band’s crusade to bring ska-punk to their humble abode of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Twenty years, 1500 shows and 200,000 album sales later, it can not be denied that the band has surpassed all expectations and permanently staked their claim in contemporary music.
  • Steppin' In It
    Lansing, MI - Americana/Jazz/Country/Folk
    Rare indeed when a collection of songs creates an entire world. Yet that’s exactly what transpires with Steppin’ In It’s "Simple Tunes for Troubled Times." Sonically painting with a pleasant array of old time country swing and blues, this Lansing, Michigan, quartet brilliantly updates a resurging American musical genre.
  • Flatfoot 56
    Chicago, IL - Celtic Folk-Punk
    Since the year 2000, FLATFOOT 56 have steadily unleashed a rollicking barrage of Celtic punk and folk-tinged hardcore from the South Side of Chicago to an international audience with intense and positive party-like energy. Coinciding with their 10-year anniversary, Flatfoot released their 3rd label-backed studio effort, Black Thorn, on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2010.
  • Red Sea Pedestrians
    Kalamazoo, MI - Klezmer/Americana
    The Red Sea Pedestrians are a one-of-a-kind, full-blown, instrument-swapping fusion between tradition and the here-and-now. We’re talkin’ high-energy americana and world-beat, hypnotic laments from the earth, songs of celebration and wonder. A warped and beautiful blend of cultures and eras.
  • The Go Rounds
    Kalamazoo, MI - Folk/Psych/Rock
    The culmination of a communal creative explosion, the Go Rounds are homegrown Kalamazoo product; an ever-growing collection of song and performance, with a sound only possible through the hive-mind. The Go Rounds are a furious live act and progressive recording unit, fueled by the history of its diverse lineup and a collaborative spirit injected into everything from songwriting to arranging.
  • Magic City
    St. Louis, Missouri - Art Rock/Psych
    Magic City broke ground in the cold hard winter of 2009. Ever since, they have been building on their St. Louis foundation by touring the Midwest, East Coast and Southern climes. Magic City released its self-titled EP cd in June, 2010. Their full-length LP Les Animaux Épouvantables will be released on July 23, 2011 on Tower Groove Records. They will also be recording a split 7" with Up The Academy at the Harveyville Project in August 2011.
  • The Andreas Kapsalis And Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo
    Chicago, IL - Instrumental Guitar Brilliance
    A guitar duo that not only celebrate the tradition of guitar performance of the old and the current rapport but also as composers they are a part of a movement in the states who’s aim is to build the new repertoire for the next generation of guitar players. Steel string ten finger tapping guitar prodigy Andreas Kapsalis, and nylon string classical guitarist Goran Ivanovic have fused their musical roots with modern, classical, world, jazz and beyond in this experimental duo.As they continue to create "buzz" throughout global music circles, these masterful musicians are also creating genres & musical styles that have yet to be named.
  • The Kansas Bible Company
    Goshen, IN - Rock & Roll With Horns
    TThe Kansas Bible Company is a community of 11 young men who live, work, and breathe rock and roll music together. With a full horn-line and chugging rhythm section, they produce waves of sound and exude mountains of energy at every show. Through encounters with aliens, Bible thumpers, holy rollers, cigarette machines, Teenage Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the KBC, as they have become to be known, have stretched the boundaries of space and time. They are on a journey - to the stars through rugged ways.
  • Charles The Osprey
    Grand Rapids, MI - Indie/Math
    The duo, Charles to friends, began as a theoretical exercise: If two immensely gifted musicians attempt to perpetually challenge each other on a technical level, can substantial art be created in the process? Lancioni and Ohli’s songs employ nonfancy guitar and drum sounds, but cover impressive dynamic territory as they weave through thickets of changes in time and tempo, some fluid, some jarring, all compelling. The hypothetical question underlying their existence has been answered with a resounding yes.
  • Tree City
    Ann Arbor, MI - Hip Hop
    Tree City is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based hip-hop group comprised of 3 MC's and a DJ/MC (Cheeks, Clavius Crates, General P., and DJ Cataclysmic). Formed in 2005, they've been supplying eardrums with their unique brand of hip-hop ever since, releasing their debut "The TreE.P." in June 2007 and the "Black Trees" mixtape in Dec. 2008, both of which received critical acclaim.
  • Glowfriends
    Kalamazoo, MI - Ambient Shoegaze Pop
    For almost a decade, Glowfriends have been receiving rave reviews for their unique brand of shoegazing orchestral pop. Based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the five-piece group led by brother and sister, Mark and April Morris, provide a blend of haunting male and female vocals coupled with vibraphone and subtle acoustic leanings. They have a sound sure to please fans of: Slowdive, Galaxie 500, Death Cab for Cutie, Matt Pond PA, American Analog Set, Should.
  • Minutes
    Kalamazoo, MI - Rock/Punk
    Minutes is comprised of Chafe Hensley, Mark Larmee, Ryan Nelson, and Isaac Turner, all of whom are solidly "in their 30's". The band was started as an outlet for songs written by all members of the band. The modus operandi from day one was to enjoy the act of making music, create songs that are natural to their cumulative experiences, and to "serve the song." Each member can play, with varying degrees of dexterity, numerous instruments, which creates a palette of opportunities from which to choose.
  • The Reptilian
    Kalamazoo, MI - Post-Hardcore/Math
    3 buddies doing buddy things
  • Fiona Dickinson
    Kalamazoo, MI - Dark Ambient Folk
    Fiona Dickinson is a British singer/songwriter currently residing in Michigan. She writes dark and spaced out folk songs that glow with sincerity. Her live shows are intimate and deep, begging the undivided attention of the listener. While the instrumentation of reverberated guitars, violins, and cellos are invariably complex and often provide unexpected hooks that draw a listener in, Fiona's most affecting instrument is her voice. Rich and mature, she drives it fluidly between sweetly-breathed coos and full-throated wails.
  • Chris Bathgate
    Pinckney, MI - Indie/Folk
    Chris Bathgate is an American indie folk singer-songwriter and musician. He is prominent in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti folk music scene in Michigan. In 2007, Bathgate signed to Quite Scientific Records, on which he released his most prominent album to date, A Cork Tale Wake. His most recent release was single for the album Salt Year, entitled "No Silver" in January 2011. Bathgate has been compared to folk singer-songwriters Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and Damien Jurado.
  • The Soil And The Sun
    Grand Rapids, MI - Baroque Folk/Rock
    The Soil And The Sun is a Grand Rapids based, experimental folk-rock group led by Alex McGrath and his wife Ashley Tuthill-McGrath. Featuring a nine-piece band comprised of drums, guitars, bass, violin, cello and piano, the Soil And the Sun plays music comfortably in the vein of DevendraBanhart, mewithoutYou and Anathallo.
  • Elk Welcome
    Kalamazoo, MI - Crazy Jam Punk
    Come see Elk Welcome as they try really hard to play danceable funk at the Strutt for the after Friday night Boiling Pot dance marathon. A fitting band for the United States, this band uses death and life themed principles throughout their energetic questings. In general, offerings will be made. Thank you.
  • Aaron Young And His Night Jars
    Kalamazoo, MI - Rock & Roll
    Aaron went to Texas and caught birds, when he wasn't catching birds, he sat on the floor and wrote most of these songs. Back in Mi, Matt Wood heard said songs and decided he would save them by playing drums, bass, other stuff, recording them, and telling Aaron when it was time to do laundry. Bobby Blackwood heard said arrangements he decided to save them more by mixing them, stitchting them, and recording some more stuff. Tyler Bassett played some solos about green hills, Richard Whitfield played fiddle, Rosie sang and was tolerent of the boys in her basement, and Nancy batted strings about till the wee hours.
  • Son Drop
    Kalamazoo, MI - Rock & Roll
    "With splashes of folky americana and psychedelic pop, (Son Drop's) Deep In The Underbark reminds me of summer vacations in the band’s hometown: slides, milkshakes, beaches on the Great Lakes, sandy sidewalks and faded lighthouses." -Shock Mountain "Son Drop has a way of organically growing the plain into the fantastic, without it seeming so obviously like a trip." -Recoil Magazine
  • Forget The Times
    Kalamazoo, MI - Post Everything
    "It's like I'm at Guitar Center, and some motherfucker won't get off the kit in the drum department."
    -N. Larsen
    "It's like a jam in another dimension."
    -JP Klinger
    -"The third track had me feeling like I was losing my mind."
    -T. Underhill
  • Pan
    Kalamazoo, MI -Indie/Metal
    Joining together in the spring of 2009, Paul Ritacco, Alex Young, and Nick Burmeister wasted little time, infusing their abilities into a surprising and fresh style of rock music. Their highly energetic performances resulted in a wave of word-of-mouth hype that spread throughout West Michigan. The group quickly became a local favorite of Kalamazoo, Michigan, having the energy of a punk band but displaying a vast array of musical influences.
  • Ackley Kid
    Kalamazoo, MI - Punk
    Ackley Kid started off in late 2009, unkempt "plunk rock" deep in the bowels of the Kalamazoo student ghetto. Drop us a line if you wanna set something up.
  • No Bails
    Kalamazoo, MI - Punk
    Met in 1987 on the shores of Campbell lake whilst throwing rocks at aged driftwood. This trio has been gleaming the cube and rail sliding your mom since before you were born.
  • Beast In The Field
    Mount Pleasant, MI - Experimental/Metal/Psychedelic
    Beast In The Field appears courtesy of a dark corner in a malignant solar system, slowly bleeding black into earth's skies. It does not produce riffs. It orchestrates lurching stacks of glaciers and rocketing walls of canyons- disintegrating every molecule of mass and throttling the hell out of, and back into, infinite black space.
  • Philly Crawlers
    Kalamazoo, MI - Garage/Pop/Rock
    The Philly Crawlers have been rockin' over Michigan since early 2008 and intend to continue doing this well into 2010. Right now they are busy recording new material which shall hopefully materialize into the debut full-length album. Live shows consist of energy and mayhem that gel into an experience that has been described by onlookers as "awesome" and "outta sight, partner!"
  • Graig Markel
    Graig Markel melds 70's pop, R&B, and soul into hushed and haunted folk ballads on his upcoming self-titled release. Often credited with creating the genre "Broken Soul", Graig's blend of Indie-soul has influenced bands such as Hot Chip, Passion Pit, and Head Like a Kite.
  • Andru Bemis
    Since 2001, Andru Bemis has wandered the ends, edges and in-betweens of North America more times than he can count. His unmistakable voice, expressive self-taught styles on banjo and guitar (and occasional fiddle or banjo-ukulele), engaging stage presence, and exquisitely crafted tunes of travel and longing have earned Bemis rapid respect and a dedicated following throughout Mexico, Canada, the U.S., and beyond.
  • Kalamazoo Academy Of Rock
    The Kalamazoo Academy of Rock is a rock band program for young musicians. It was started by Jeff Mitchell in the spring of 2009. The program has two bands. The Thursday Night Band will be performing at The Boiling Pot Festival. We play mostly classic rock covers with a few current tunes thrown in. K.A.R.'s performed at The Strutt four times, most recently a standing room only show on May 1 featuring the music of Michigan artists.
  • Who Hit John?
    Kalamazoo, MI - Acoustic/Folk/Roots Music
    Performing, jamming, and busking since 2006, Who Hit John? has tenaciously evolved from their beginnings as an old time string band playing on the street corner for tips. Incorporating Gypsy Jazz, Swing and European flavors into an already eclectic collage of barnstorming old time originals and traditionals they blend old world music with a vibrant breath of excitement and soul. Expect fanciful fiddle and trumpet melodies over a thick core of acoustic rhythm.
  • Birdfingers
    Kalamazoo, MI - ArtFolk
    Birdfingers is the brainchild of one Bennett Young, Kalamazoo singer/songwriter extraordinaire. Whether as as a solo performer or performing with members of other notable Kalamazoo bands such as The Go Rounds and Elk Welcome, Birdfingers offers a unique take on folk that is not to be missed.
  • Jaik Willis
    Jaik Willis is a nationally touring independent performer based in Chicago. He has a high energy explosive show with his horn-like voice darting around a blistering broken-string approach to his acoustic flying V guitar, through original songs that are accessible, and message driven. He has shared bills with artists such as Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Wilco, Bela Fleck, MMW, Grace Potter, Del McCoury, NIN, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Leftover Salmon, Justin Townes Earle, Digital Underground, Blueground Undergrass, Garaj Mahal, EOTO,The Schwag, Ekoostik Hookah, Tea Leaf Green, Split Lip Rayfield, and performed on stage with acoustic blues dynamo, Corey Harris, and Chicago blues legend Billy Branch as well. He has performed at innumerable festivals and major venues around the US. In the Summer of 2011 he performed at Bonnaroo, Dunegrass, Michigan Peace Fest, Summer Camp Festival, Cavefest, Widow's Peak Music Fest & dozens of others. His energy is fierce, his vocal range is inhuman, his beard is long. You've gotta check this guy out.