Boiling Pot 2011 Charities

  • Row 4 ROW
    In the summer of 2012, Founder and Coach of Recovery on Water, Jenn Gibbons will row the entire 1,500 mile perimeter of Lake Michigan. Departing from Chicago and along the coast of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, she will be “stopping by” in port towns along the lake–bringing awareness to the vital tool that exercise plays in the fight against breast cancer. A trip like this has never been done before. Jenn will be rowing 30 miles a day, stopping only to sleep and share the mission of ROW. She will consume 5,000 calories worth of dehydrated food a day, and sleep in her vessel, Liv.

  • Open Roads
    Open Roads teaches youth valuable social skills and bike mechanic skills in order to help better prepare them for their future.

  • The Phillip C. Edwards New Life Project
    Founded in 2008 in loving memory of 24-year-old Phillip C. Edwards, a carpenter, son, brother and friend, to continue his mission: To build new life possibilities for and with those in need, through assistance, education and mentoring.
    • Annual Winter Warmth Event - Several hundred guests receive a hot meal, gloves, hats, thick socks, space blankets and other items for warmth and sustenance.
    • Annual Summer Event - 400+ people are served Phillip's favorite birthday meal, enjoy musical entertainment and are given gifts including backpacks, new shirts, items for self care, first aid and treats. Children get age appropriate toys and necessities, dogs and cats even get food.
    • "Turning It Around" - Carpentry Mentoring Program to provide tuition, tools and tutoring is in progress as it seeks further funding. For further information please visit