How wonderful is Greece? This is an incredible destination to visit just about every summer! It has everything you could want out of a family vacation destination, it offers history and luxury, and as opposed to the United Kingdom it is warm and dry throughout the summer. In addition, this is a destination that is going to give you the ultimate in value for your money especially if you stay at the Ikos Aria Hotel.

Many people do not know that the Greek Islands consist of over 6000 islands of which only 227 are inhabited. It is quite possible to visit Greece on a yearly basis and never visit the same destination twice!

Most people visit Greece in order to get a chance to experience a true Mediterranean experience. For many, it is a chance to understand how it was in southern France and Italy back in the 50s. There is just something about Greece that feels timeless and old-fashioned as opposed to so many other destinations found throughout the world, there is not that excess of traffic and crowds that you would find at so many other popular tourist destinations.

Unspoiled Areas

Of course, you will find some very popular and busy resort areas throughout Greece, however, it is just as easy to find your own little slice of heaven complete with seclusion.

There are so many areas of Greece that seem as though they are completely untouched by human hands, You can wander around small villages where you will still find street games of backgammon and women dressed in gorgeous lace. There are many villages you can walk into in the middle of the afternoon and find them completely deserted due to siesta time!

This is truly the best destination for a family holiday. In particular, children are simply adored wherever they travel and the family will love the relaxed vibe this holiday location produces.

And we have to stop and talk about the food for a moment. This is not only delicious but it is healthy and overall simply fun to eat. You will never get tired of the fresh fish and salads that can be found throughout the many villages. Imagine a day of eating plates of calamari, red mullet, sardines, and octopus…be sure to bring an adventurous spirit with you!

One of the best ways to experience Greek food is to order a large variety platter and sit back and let your taste buds experience a wide range of tastes like stuffed vine leaves, Greek salads, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, grilled feta cheese, and courgette flowers! They are all so delicious and if you are like me, your mouth is already watering for this tasty food.

Be sure you eat all of meals mezze-style, as it is so much more of a social aspect to it. Sharing your food with others makes for so much more of a memorable holiday. Talking and sharing stories helps to create much more vivid memories.

History Of Greece

Many of the myths and gods you have heard of ancient Greece are more than enough to ignite your imagination. However, it is when you actually visit the islands of Greece that those same stories and myths truly come to life right before your eyes.

Take the time to climb to the top of the Acropolis, visit the site of the first Olympic Games at the Olympia, travel to Mount Pelion where centaurs once called home, or immerse yourself in the beauty of the Parthenon Temple.

Greece has always been an excellent destination for true value. You will easily be able to stay in boutique hotels that are going to cost much less than they would in France or Italy and it possible for an entire family to eat out for as little as 45 euros.

The vast majority of foreign visitors will not need to pay for a visa and as long as you book early you will be able to get a rather cheap flight. The only question left is what are you waiting for?

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