With the move towards big data, a lot of companies are now focussing on data-driven strategies. However, those companies that fail to consider the impact of design on consumer impressions might lose a lot of customers

before they try these digital techniques. Organizations should transform their business mindsets from focusing on numbers to focus on data and design if they want to thrive in the modern market.

Why Good Creative Design Is Important

The best design narrates a story. Communication plays a key role in any business. Actually, a single picture speaks a thousand words. Your potential customers and audience should understand what the organization is doing and what it is about on every touchpoint. This includes your website, email communications, social media accounts and physical locations. Organizations that don’t achieve this will not generate leads or improve sales.

Visuals are the best ways to leave a lasting impression in the audience’s mind since they are immediate. Most importantly, the human brain will process images at least 60,000 times faster than a text. 93% of all human communication is actually visual. That’s why great creative design is important in any business strategy.

A properly crafted design concept should be able to flow seamlessly across all the marketing materials used by your business, whether logos, packing, memes, websites and promotional images on social media posts and blogs. With the best creative design, you should be able to create a strong impression, convey key information, build a brand identity, build consumer trust and narrate your story effortlessly.

Design-Driven Businesses Get Results

It’s a guarantee that businesses that rely on great design will get the best results. Adobe refers to this as the Design Advantage. It’s been discovered that design-driven organizations always have the best talent and often outperform the competition when it comes to revenue growth. That’s because by shifting their focus to visual engagement from the start, they will attract more customers. Their eye-catching content right from the start is very enticing to their audience. This is one of the most noticeable trends online, especially on social media.

With the digital age becoming increasingly popular, social media marketing and content marketing have become very important tactics that companies should embrace if they want to engage with their markets. Note that, social networks are mostly visual platforms from the onset. Note that, a platform like Twitter started as a platform for posting short written messages. Now, it’s full of videos and images, thanks to the numerous updates over the years. Now, at least 71% of companies are reporting that they create at least 10 times the content they did a few years ago, thanks to social media.

Customers want and expect the best content experience from the brands they engage with online. These experiences can only start with great creative design. Industry leaders are using design. Those companies that don’t want to invest in design do so because they assume it can’t be measured or tied to their ROI. Doing your business as usual is not enough anymore. Mature industries that have focussed on other techniques need to include design to guarantee the best results in the long term.

Therefore, if you want your organization to stand out, you need to be design-driven. You need to find a way to improve your bottom line by focussing on what your customers want. If they can get the best design experience, you can rest assured that they will come back for more and also make a lot of referrals. Talk to the best design experts to find the best options for your business effortlessly. See for Abstract Creative Studio.

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