Are you still searching for ideas to turn 2019 into your best year ever? The following list of 35 bucket list activities for families should set you on the right track, as it includes entertaining challenges, outdoor fun and lots of family quality time ideas to try out wherever you live in the UK. How many of these things do you think you could cross off your list before next year?

Enjoy Your Best Family Break So Far

Holidays are an awesome thing to look forward to even from the moment you book them. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of UK staycation destinations waiting for you to visit. You won’t need to travel abroad if you don’t want to. Just take time to explore theme park trips, lovely holiday cottages and other such opportunities for family fun close to your home. Short family breaks can be very rewarding.

Entertain Your Children With A Steam Train Ride

Most kids are fascinated by trains, places and automobiles. To them, a classic steam train ride can be a magic adventure. Just take them to the nearest steam railway, jump on board and spend an amazing day out enjoying the stunning scenery of UK’s countryside. We’ve put together for you a top of the best 10 steam train rides in the UK, so that you can do your research faster. You may also want to watch our Day Out With Thomas video.

Explore A New UK City

There are 69 cities in the UK. How many have you visited so far? Try to add at least one new city to your bucket list for this year. You have a wealth of options waiting for you to pick one! Plan your trip carefully by exploring the best things to do in London, Manchester, York, Bristol or Liverpool.

Learn Something New

Many people make learning a new skill one of their New Year resolution. This is an excellent opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new together with your family. You can learn skiing on an indoor ski slope, go to a climbing centre to learn rock climbing, or join a pottery class to learn a craft that will offer you many hours of entertainment. Start by exploring the opportunities offered by your community centre or local library.

Experience Virtual Reality

Technology progress has made it easier than ever before to have fun in the family. Virtual reality centres offer their clients amazing 3D experiences that seem so real that they can get scary. Check out our guide to the best virtual reality experiences offered by the major VR centres in the UK. You’ll surely find one near your home. Your kids will love you for this idea.

Relax While Having Fun At A Waterpark

You don’t actually need to wait for the hot weather to enjoy a water park experience. Just take a look at our top 12 indoor water parks in the UK to choose the one that best suits your family. There’s no reason why you should wait for the summer to have some water fun.

Embrace Outdoor Adventures

The ‘Great Outdoors’ are simply great! the UK is home to some amazing forests, take a tree top adventure, or find lakes, parks and gardens waiting for you to explore them. You’ll love spending time outdoors. Besides, it will be good for you, as well!

Try Something For The First Time Each Month

What was the last time when you tried something for the first time? Make this year a time for trying new activities! Whether you’ve always wanted to play the piano, to learn how to dive or to try indoor skiing, this is the right time to make your dreams come true by trying a new thing each and every month. What would you like to start with?

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