Typically older homes are full of charm and character. However, if you are living in a period property, certain things might need to be updated. You want to strike the proper balance between keeping the character that caused you to want to live in an older property to begin with and making your house more comfortable by adding modern tweaks.

1. Poor Quality Insulation

A majority of old houses are not insulated properly and neither your carbon-conscience and bank account will thank you unless you address this. CosyHome Company reports that your house loses heat in five major ways:

  • Loft 10%
  • Floors 15%
  • Glass 20%
  • Walls 25%
  • Draughts 30%

Having insulation installed professionally is a good idea in order to avoid air quality and moisture-related problems but if you decide to do it on your own be sure to wear protective clothing, goggles, and a facemask.

2. Replace The Boiler

It is, unfortunately, an expensive but necessary thing to replace an old boiler. You might want to think about investing in a condensing high-efficiency boiler. It is reported that condensing high-efficiency boilers are able to convert 86% of fuel into heat at least, as compared to about 65% for an old G-rated boiler. It has been reported by the Guardian that a boiler may cost around £2,500 it can also reap savings of approximately £235 per year.

3. Outdated Electrical System

Not only is it is inconvenient to have an outdated electrical system, but it may also be a serious safety hazard as well, and cause electrical shocks or fires. Period properties most likely were built before electrical lighting became standard in homes. Real Homes reports that if your house hasn’t been re-wired over the past 30 years, then most likely it will need to be re-wired; contacting an electric heating expert can be really helpful.

Some of the major signs that your system needs to be updated are:

  • If your house has an old fuse box, it’s time for you to hire an electrician. Quite often old fuse boxes have a mix of fuses or white ceramic fuses, cast iron switches, and a wooden back.
  • If your house includes a mixture of different switch and socket styles, and that strongly indicates a partially rewiring has been done – then it is time to have that checked.
  • If the cables are covered with black rubber, fabric or lead then your electrical wiring definitely needs updating. Modern cable has uPVC coating.
  • If your light bulbs are going out too often.

4. Respect Original Features

Tons of charm is brought to a period property by its original features and no doubt is part of the reason why you chose to buy it to begin with. Original features can provide a room with a beautiful focal point. It is also recommended by the Telegraph that you refrain your urge from restoring your period features into perfect condition. They believe you will end up losing part of your home’s character, and have it blend in instead of standing out, from its contemporary setting.

You might really love your period property, but most likely you want to update the kitchen if it’s really old. Don’t hesitate to introduce modern elements into your period house. Keeping the design functional and clean will limit how dated it looks in the future. It is indicated by recent FMB shows that when kitchen improvements are invested in like new flooring, new cabinet doors, and a new worktop that it can add nearly £27,000 within eight days to an averaged priced house in Dorset. Therefore, it could be a very wise investment.

For many people being able to live in a period property is a dream come true. However, older properties clearly require some work in order to get them up to the 21st-century living standard. The five helpful hints above can help you get things started.

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