What exactly is the 11 Plus?

Don’t know what the 11 Plus exam means? Or as popularly renowned, the grammar school test or 11+, or Eleven Plus… You’ll come to see that it goes by numerous other names. Don’t fret! Regardless if you don’t have a clue about it or you’re confident of the stuff you already know about the topic, this guide aims to assist you to learn more about this exam test. Please see Marie Redmond Tuition for all of your 11+ tuition needs.

The Eleven Plus is a choosy entrance exam that can be undertaken by year 6 pupils. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that all children were required to sit for the 11+. These days, the grammar school test isn’t mandatory. It is implemented in places with selective independent schools and grammar schools to categorise potential and academic ability. At present, England has more than 160 grammar schools, and even though the Eleven Plus exam was officially broken up in N.Ireland in 2008, the majority of ex-grammar institutions still choose their pupils by ability, sung Transfer Test.

Is there a set pass rate?

The 11+ pass rate varies a lot countrywide. In some of the most prestigious institutions, you can have as many as 30 candidates competing for a single spot. In such circumstances, the pass rate will be contingent on the competitive nature of the institution. The exams are administered by different exam boards and the pass rate used will vary between these boards. For peace of mind, you can obtain more information regarding the exam information of every school.

What sort of 11 Plus exam will my child have to take?

The four main focus areas in the Eleven Plus exams include English, maths, non-verbal reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Which combination of subjects that will be tested is different across the grammar institutions and the examination length and paper layout also vary across different exam boards and areas. Depending on the grammar school you’re interviewing for, your child can take all four subjects or a combination of them.

Will my child have to sit for more than one exam?

Most selective grammar institutions may require your child to sit for more than a single round of exams within their 11+ tests and many of the Eleven Plus tests comprise more than a single paper; at times these different papers are tested on a single day, with a couple of breaks between the tests, while some institutions do their test over a certain number of days. Some grammar schools are enrolled in a consortium, where your little one will be required to do a set of tests and if successful, they will qualify to apply to a broad selection of grammar schools. Nevertheless, if you want to send applications to several grammar schools that aren’t part of the association, then you are at liberty to do so, but your child will need to sit numerous examinations.

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